I. GENERAL RULES              II. MEMBERSHIP              III. HORSES

I. General Rules

i. Rule number one? Don't be a jerk. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and you'll do just fine. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, and any cases reported will be investigated and punished accordingly. We function on a three strike system - warning, suspension, ban - in terms of reprimanding players for going against the rules, which may or may not include some form of in-game fines depending on the infraction.

ii. We don't mind some mature content, but please be thoughtful about the community. A lot of sim players are adults or young adults - we don't mind the conversation occasionally leaking some swear words or political debate, but keep in mind rule #1. If the staff team sees it getting out of hand, we'll have to jump in - otherwise, though, we aren't your babysitters; play nice in the sandbox, and have a good time.

iii. Give credit where credit is due. Crediting designers and photographers is important; please don't forget to do this! On that note, Some Horse is not responsible for the content of related third-party websites.

II. Membership

i. You will be classified as a probationary member for the first month you're here. We ask that for the first thirty days you try and be as active as possible; if you manage to only enter one show, that's fine and dandy! Once your probationary period has passed, you're free to open an establishment, host shows, and party hard. To promote game activity, this is currently waived! All new members joining from Feb 5th to March 10th, 2016, are free to open a stable, business, or other establishment!

ii. All new players begin with $100,000 and 5 creation credits. Creation credits can be used to create new horses or import them from other games. You can keep track of your credits and horses via the Registry. You'll need to create an account with the Registry in order to get started. In your first month of membership, your horses will need to be boarded somewhere -- after that, you're free to keep them on your own property!

iii. Activity checks will run once per month. You'll have the entire month to respond -- failure to respond to two in a row will result in suspension of your account. Suspended account will have all horses moved to the humane society, and all establishments deleted/removed.

III. Horses

i. No horse may be registered as an already existing, famous equine. This means you cannot own Bask, Seabiscuit, or Windfall II. While your horse is encouraged to have a real-life pedigree, you may not own a famous horse in the game unless you can prove that you actually own the horse in real life. Go ahead and make your own horse's game counterpart, though ;)

ii. Imported horses may still have their previous show records, but points must be converted using our Points Scale. Information on our Points Stystem and Title Scale are under the Show Wiki section of the Forums

iii. Horses must be seen by a vet at least once yearly. They must receive a negative coggins certificate, proof of vaccinations, and proof of good health in order to compete and breed.

iv. Horses must be seen by a farrier at least twice a year. They must receive either a new set of shoes or a hoof trimming.

v. Tack must be purchased for a horse to compete. It doesn't have to be swanky, but it needs to be for the horse's showing discipline.

vi. All horses must be kept at an approved stable. They must be listed there within one week of creation/imporation/breeding.

vii. Some Horse allows horses to be speed-aged. However, the horse must be two years younger than it's sire and three years younger than it's dam.

Some Horse © 2016-Present. All content is simulated, and not intended to represent real-life horses, farms, or individuals.